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ArcenCiel - Rainbow Painting on ArtFinder

Arcenciel (2016)










  • Acrylic painting, Canvas
  • One of a kind artwork
  • Size: 24 × 36 × 2 in
  • Signed on the front
  • Ready to hang

 Available on International Art Listing



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SOAR "Kid's Reading & Meet" It's OK Scooter™

 American Artist & Author – Kris Courtney

Please accept this letter as an introduction to It’s OK Scooter™ and myself, American Artist Kris Courtney with a Private Studio located in Downtown Dublin, GA - Studio111 - American Artist Kris Courtney. I am Humbled to Accept the Invitation to Read & Meet on March 7th, 2017.

Published in Florida and released with Front-Page coverage in the Herald-Tribune Media Group in Sarasota/Port Charlotte on May16th, 2015; Scooter has become recognized as an inspirational image for not only children but adults alike!

It’s OK Scooter™ Illustrations, Message of Hope and the Creator’s are outlined through the online presence of Facebook, YouTube & Twitter It's OK Scooter & @ItsOKScooter. You can also find on Amazon as a Ranking Children’s #Book. This also serves as the Official announcement of the 2nd Edition of "Puppy School" for 'Scooter and soon CO-Illustrator Judy Cowan Lee and myself will be developing New Adventures & Experiences due for Release in June 2017!

As part of First Lady Sandra Deal , Georgia Children's Cabinet initiative & coordination to expand education, ‘Scooter will be excited to provide the quantity of books required and as a Self Funded Artist, I am sincerely grateful & humbled for this experience!

Thank you,


#FaceBook LINK:

PREVIOUS Reference:

‘FABRIC’ By: American Artist Kris Courtney , August 15th, 2016

“The Den” SOARS
Marnie Smith Braswell / Frank W. Berry, Commissioner
Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Developmental Disabilities @dbhdd #DBHDD

#DublinGA #ChildrenBook Children's Books #Author #SandraDeal #Georgia #CSB #Reading #Kids #Education #Dog #Puppy #ItsOKScooter #KrisCourtney

Norma Jean's Sun, Memoir by Kris Courtney

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Year In Review 2016

Let’s go Home - #YearInReview2016

Well, that was the plan anyways ….

So let’s see, where did we leave off, Oh Yeah I know! I got hit by a Bus, Sick living above a Legionnaires apartment in Dayton Ohio, loaded up to Santa Fe, bought a bunch of my own artwork for a show that got canceled, borrowed money and searching for a new place to live in Santa Fe to share with a Friend.

Santa Fe, NM 'Plaza 2016 New Years Eve

Found myself in a pinch and searching on Craigslist one night and there it was – “Live/Work/Display” Gallery & Studio in TUPELO, MS! So we loaded up the Truck and Moved to B………… Egypt :/

On January 9th in the afternoon, I arrived to find this depiction was expired to a memory of years long-ago. But here I am, at a place now where survival was all I had! Once all my money had already been applied, deposits and such, I had no other alternative but to believe and trust the previous communications would honor. The windows were cracked or in some cases broken out, there was sanitary problems and safety with gas & smoke alarms missing among others. I unloaded my rental SUV and made a list of items to repair and headed to Wally World for a pile of debris to live for a few weeks and gain ground. When I returned, an email on my desk said “This is not a good fit for you, we are not fixing anything and consider this lease canceled and no further communications” I was homeless …
The next morning, for fear of seeing ‘Elvis appear, I had slept in the car. I sat in a McDonalds without a home, route or feasible means to get there. Those of you reading this may recall my need to share that position in humorous tone yet fearful of the hours of darkness to follow. “Well Folks, I’m homeless” the post on Facebook read and what followed was overwhelming to say the least! Many of you immediately replied, called, text and made yourself available to me, I am Truly a Blessed Man! And although there was a multitude of financial offers, too many to tally homes, through a whole accepted connection of distant 2nd generation family, came an offer from Houston Texas. The message read ( I am 10 Hours from you, Can you get here or do you Need me to Come & Get You ? ) A message in my Heart said that no matter the form, no matter the consequences I would be safe in Texas for a period of recovery.
The next day, I arrived in a northern part of Houston where the Trucks are still big, the air respires hot and the traffic was thick. But when I pulled into a modest & welcoming drive, I found a warm handshake, comforting hug and a place to cry for a while. Oh yeah, and 4 dogs 3-84 cats and a bunch of dead skulls that are really cool! The welcomed love was visible, the respect was mutual!

It wasn’t long before my daily walks down the long dirt roads began to waft in and out of depressive reflection and feelings of escape. That one stride to the right on a busy road … I had walked a thousand miles – Wait, I had driven 200,000 and after all that I have been gifted with, granted and allowed to carry in fortitude, THIS Is where I am to end all that ??!!!

On a hot Texas day, not long after being there as I walked, a huge truck pulls past me (They’re All Huge in TX) and then they suddenly stopped and started to back up ? OH Dear God, what kind of challenge is this now … “Hey, aren’t you Kris Courtney?” Puzzled to no end as comparable to other parts of the country I have traveled in equal experiences, “Yes” I said with inclusive apprehension. “We have Your Children’s Book, SCOOTER! You Need a Ride?” Perhaps these people will never know, perhaps we all will never witness the power of intervention, But on this Texas road, His Grace appeared in a Big Truck!
Over the next few weeks, my frame of mind began to adapt. I found a collection of friends that seem to appear everywhere I go when I can find a Coffee Pot & Handshake J I have a few Angels in my life, You Know who you are! They would call me randomly or perhaps at the encouragement of prayers answered … It was through a series of insightful walks that my Soul began to realize that although depression and anxiety of being at the end of a premeditated journey, God’s Path was still ahead of me…
Ya’ll Ever Been ‘MUDDIN

I Swear, TEXAS Does Stuff Right & RAW !!! I have been to 45 States, now lived in 25 and TX 3 times. My experiences and delicate rebuilding of spirit was a needed stop over and hiatus. My Host & Hostess were patient with me and allowed me to wash the dishes for them; I was humbled & appreciative for that chore! And as for Maggie (Loveable Puppy) Sorry Sweetheart, it was time to go … 
Well, Ya Know what a 20 Footer is ??? It’s a Used Car that Looks REALLY Good – 20 feet away !!! SO, time has traveled on and now I’m still looking for Home. I thought I had found a paint Studio in Humble TX ( That’s Pronounced “UM BLE” , I know right ??? ) Yet that was not to be either! Then I started looking on Galveston Island, Kemah TX and the surrounding region, truly there has to be a reason why I am here! Well, although the folks I met and spoke with became friends and the inspiration of what could be became an abortive attempt, I did find the few weeks of searching to be a building block in hindsight to what was to follow. And all throughout this continued inhalation, it was clear the Universe had other ideas!
One day, through a very distant and forgotten connection in Kentucky, I received an email that said “Hey have you ever been to Georgia, Savannah? I have a Nephew that lives nearby and he could use a Room-mate and you could hang out for the Summer” Although the caution flags were up, my stay in Texas and the Grace & Hospitality had begun to attain our previous agreement and it was time to find a place of rebuilding. It was also clear; the Universe did not want me to settle in Houston to paint! Through a series of phone calls and text messages, I agreed and it was accepted that this link would work in a little town called Dublin Georgia about an hour outside of Savannah on May 15. But as my frequently time accused peculiarity of “Gypsy Blood” it was time to search and feed my Soul along the way …

I have done many things of this short moment in Purgatory on Earth and it always seems that the “Normal” things are a stone’s throw away for me. In traveling to a vacant place I wanted to experience New Orleans and the Ocean again. But this time was different in that I was alone turning a direction of absolute surrender, nothing to lose! I had enjoyed NO before but never walked in the Bourbon Street Celebration with the walkers! I was struck though at the humanity forfeit that laid in approach to those who danced around & ignored the obvious penalty of greed and gluttony.

New Orleans LA 2016

Even in my Own Celebration of the walk, I did find Laughter among the contrast. The meals I shared with an empty chair, the view I watched or the sounds & smells that gave me a remembrance I hope to treasure in years of physical restraint that will soon appear. 
We all have a “Bucket List” that seems to loiter for fulfillment and on this trip, mine was to do what had haunted me for 55 years or perhaps more, Swim in Public! As a child confined, an adult confused I always had hoped for an introduction without judgment or the glancing at what appears. But this trek was free of those conceptions. As I walked from the Condo I had landed in Gulf Shores, there was a Gentleman, Lady around my age sitting politely under an Umbrella. I paused but again with no assets to gather, I asked “May I please ask a humbled favor” After what seemed like an hour of God’s Graceful Kindness, Blessings of Similar stories and the full release, I walked into the ocean and did what some conceivably may take for granted and stuck my feet in the Sand !!! To feel the cool water wave across the souls of my carved limbs, the exposure of saying “Here I am God, at the Edge of your Bath, cleanse me” And as possibly you, I wept … A child’s play half a Century in the wait without regards for the stares, questions or discriminations we all carry from supplementary examples in life. Nothing to lose ….

Well, another 20 footer, Great! J LoL - As I arrived in this town of Irish name with far from the Green & Glittering Gold expected, there was a sense of welcoming and even a calm that appeared to open the windows and allow a Hot Georgia wind to sweep me into place. And although the representation was altered, I had entered into survival mode of living and once again taken my 4 plastic tubs and 3 duffle bags into another back bedroom. The house share was the start of what has now become a lasting friendship I Treasure & Respect !!!
Well, OK Universe – What Now ??? As occasion has now proven, this town was a respite that has offered me a place of acceptance & growth. As I was here for only a squat few weeks, I was contacted by a person who has since become a dear ally and asked if I would be interested in doing an Art Installation Project for the Governor of Georgia and His Wife here in Dublin? In addition, the endeavor was in alignment with Developmental Disabilities through Commissioner Frank Berry and along with Matt Hatchett,

All of which a close resident to my heart in purpose. After submitting a draft conception for “The DEN” the finished artistry “FABRIC” was completed on August 15th. In coordination with all this effort, I also secured a place to paint! As the Universe has now said – OK , Here !!! And although the consign was a complete trashed out space, the vision of #Studio111 was born & work began.

The DEN - FABRIC 2016

Setting up for a Studio Show the first week of September, I had now become anxious to paint, to live and begin creating again. It was with publicity and the serendipitous connections that I found a few folks in an organization called “Civitan” that I was blessed with aid in making remodeling efforts to the Studio.

Mike & Tommy helped me on a day when we replaced 36’ of new lumber in the floor and did for me what I could not do for myself – Benevolence !!! I even had a Visitor who Blessed me With Love & Kindness. In that lunch with Jerry, he asked me a question or maybe an observation, “You’ve changed” My only retort I could give, “I Have Been Changed” And although there were others, Dear Angels to my Heart that helped with Studio111, it was time to claim this liberty as my 5th Studio !

Ironic how the purpose in my 5 year Journey across America was to finish back at Home and after making a choice, after choice; The Universe was making them all along …
Well, Time To PAINT – MY TURN !!! As I walked those Texas roads and began to surface from personal isolation, I had an overwhelming image in my creative visions that suggested strength & vigor beyond my current state of affairs. As with most of my original works, I tend to make partial or interim canvases. And before I could create the power of what I visualized, I had to make some brush strokes appear...

Metropolis 2016

I am Humbled that local Patrons have appeared to Bless my Talents as Well!

Easter Morning 2016

Maybe it is “My Turn”

My Turn 2016 - Acrylic 48x48

Oh and you recall that Organization of Benevolence? Well they had a Fair, Carnival here locally a while back and just recently, there was a Christmas Party. After Volunteering for them and taking a snapshot , I wanted to gift and return a genuine symbol of my appreciation for their support. This painting auctioned off and found a new home also in true faith of the liveliness intended!

Civitan Fair 2016

So time has begun to wind down for 2016 and I am seeking direction. I have no yearning to let the breeze sweep my feet absent and yet no place still to call home. However, one day in a walk about, God’s Blessings appeared in Angel Numbers again. See the numbers of 11 ( 1:11 or 444) are considered signs of Grace in my life, maybe yours too - Studio111 , previous address of 811 and now 411 – Angels are abound and His Favoring Love has embraced me ever so slightly. So the question is; How long does it take to go home? Evidently 18 months !!

This house, elderly in time and juvenile at heart has opened its layers to reveal a place of rest for a weary voyager. I once thought that when it came to a move or relocation, I had some control or participation on how & where that respite was to expand. Today on the Eve of what has been an 18month exploration, I have slept. I have slept on an air mattress with a 125 year old antique telephone table nurtured by Flossie, carried in conviction across the United States. Now accompanied by a Mahogany Desk, leather chair from a Thrift store and a New Collection of white Styrofoam cups, my used Microwave and $20 Coffee Pot now fill my 3bd/3bath home. An empty structure, with bones of character in need of paint, that one day will tell a mutual story of gratitude to another. But till then, perchance a place of comfort for a retired gypsy … 
Summary: Thank you for listening, reading and even allowing yourself to transpose the emotions of my efforts. I have always left my life open, transparent and clear of penalty since decades ago. Yet in our globe of fake news, online illusions, narcissistic desires and the struggle to find simplicity for personal identity, those of you who have followed my trail and pushed me along are forever in my Soul! As recently interviewed for TV, I made an observation that will always be fact; I Could not traveled these years without Each & Everyone of my Fans & Friends along the Way! And although I may have only a dozen confidentially close, I have always known as witnessed in Tupelo that my resources are plentiful in the thousands! Bless You & Thank you for letting my life remain visible without perimeter and be able to have the dialogue with you, instead of too you or behind … As I started this letter with a sorrow, I have finished with a Tiding of Joy! My Roots may be remote but a new seed has sprout in Georgia

Dublin GA

May your Christmas, New Years and days between or after be reminiscent of the Gift of Home for what You Have; what you sacrificed and the cost of character to Surrender to a Greater Purpose!
Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas, Kris

Norma Jean's Sun, Memoir by Kris Courtney

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

My Turn - Original Art on Canvas #Lion

"My Turn" Acrylic on Canvas (48"x48")

Original Artwork - $3,800  'SOLD'

Image #Print & #GiClee Available on @ImageKIND:

#LionEyes #Lion #Cat #Painting #Art #MyTurn #Acrylic #Studio111

"My Turn" Original Art -

Saturday, August 13, 2016

TV Interview - American Artist Kris Courtney

TV Interview & Publicity Video

Extremely Grateful & Blessed - August 11, 2016 ‪#‎TVinterview‬ YouTube

In the discussion & content: Visit Dublin GA Dublin Civitan Downtown Dublin, GA ART TV35 ‪#‎DBHDD‬ ‪#‎SantaFe‬ ‪#‎Paducah‬ ‪#‎Oxford‬ ‪#‎NorthPort‬ ‪#‎PortCharlotte‬ ‪#‎Florida‬ ‪#‎Houston‬ ‪#‎Muncie‬ Muncie Voice ‪#‎Dayton‬ State Rep. Matt Hatchett Marnie Smith Braswell ‪#‎Tupelo‬ ‪#‎Texas‬ ‪#‎Indiana‬ Norma Jean's Sun It's OK Scooter Payton Towns III The Courier Herald Sarasota Herald-Tribune The Star Press The Santa Fe New Mexican Imagekind Open Studio 'Meet & Greet' #DublinGA ‪#‎ArtStudio‬ ‪#‎Artist‬ ‪#‎Art‬ ‪#‎Gallery‬ ‪#‎Screenplay‬ ‪#‎Script‬ WGAE ‪#‎Film‬ GoFundMe Kickstarter Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities ‪#‎RickyPorter‬ ‪#‎KrisCourtney‬ ‪#‎AmericanArtist‬ ‪#‎Beagle‬ ‪#‎Memoir‬ ‪#‎TrueStory‬ ‪#‎Recovery‬ ‪#‎Sprituality‬ God ‪#‎Disability‬ 'Ability Is As Ability Does' FEMO #FABRIC #Canvas #Print #GiClee #WaterColor #Acrylic #Oil #Gouache #SFCC #ASCAP Amazon Kindle CreateSpace #Author #Writer #Illustration Judy Cowan Lee Judy Lee North Port Neighbors Paducah Visitors Bureau Oxford, Ohio Muncie Free Press Houston, Texas California Dublin First United Methodist Church Muncie, Indiana North Port Art Center Nora Rodriguez My CoffeeShop Juan Antonio Rodriguez Cruz #Kindle Children's Book Authors/Writer's Group Children's Books DC Beagles Promote Your Children & Teens Books Children's Books with Good Values Lucky Dog #Scooter #ItsOKScooter St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Riley Children's Foundation Easterseals Sundance Film Festival SFCC Film Faith Based Films True Film Production Shared Visions Films - Schler Productions GKG Productions Blue Fox Productions 3 Sides Entertainment @MsKathyBates Elizabeth Banks Charlize Theron Emma Watson Jennifer Lopez Morgan Freeman Lionsgate MGM Studios Amazon Studios Universal Studios Entertainment HBO Documentary Films #Reel #Trailer #Video #Interview Seth Green Flagstaff, Arizona Dallas Fox 11 Los Angeles Enquirer - Cincinnati and Kentucky #Atlanta #Macon #DublinGA #Savannah Film Atlanta Productions The Telegraph & Savannah, Georgia

Television, Media & Publicity & News Coverage -
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Norma Jean's Sun, Memoir by Kris Courtney

Friday, April 22, 2016

When Doves Cry - "Phoenix by Artist Kris Courtney"

When Doves Cry

Phoenix - When Doves Cry

RIPPrince - Purple Rain Tribute

#RIPPrince , #PurpleRain "Accidental"

Accidental, Acrylic by American Artist Kris Courtney

"Accidental" 2013 - Acrylic on Canvas

In Tribute to the Iconic Power of a Legend Artist with Soul, Vision and Depth beyond our Understanding, I submit this image painted in 2013 as a Standing Icon Tribute to the Death of Mr Prince Rogers Nelson.  Blessings Sir, Fly High

By: American Artist Kris Courtney

Thursday, March 3, 2016

True Story, Hollywood Can't Handle or Understand!

This is not just a memoir, it’s a tale of courage!

One man’s detached observation of his family, himself, and life ‘s twist turns and fate! It will leave you with much more of a willingness to accept life's insecure patterns with a zest for self discovery and adventure!

Never in our silent moments of illusion do we sense the dark parallel that lives beside us. Nor do we suspect the carrier.

Actively Seeking #Investment , #Option , #Coverage and #Philanthropists capable of envisioning a Powerful Message beyond what the machine of Hollywood controls or is limited by greed!  This Film will change peoples Lives!

Norma Jean's Sun, Memoir by Kris Courtney

Monday, January 25, 2016

Update on 2016 Film Screenplay Efforts

 Norma Jean's Sun, #TrueStory #Memoir Adaptation Script

#‎Film‬ ‪#‎Option‬ & ‪#‎Coverage‬ Update Information:

As I am committed in both spirit and mind to produce and or continue to push the efforts of finding a production avenue for this #film , the 2016 pdate to report is that through various solicitations and InkTip ‪#‎Screenplay‬ listing, the following Organizations and Production Companies have reviewed/read the current ‪#‎Logline‬ / ‪#‎Synopsis‬ and associated ‪#‎Script‬ information in the last 30 days.  I WILL Get this Film Developed!

Reverse Engineering Studios, The Artist's Den, Inc., Krannel Pictures, Oceanus Pictures, FilmStrategic, Massar Storyworks LLC, Blue Sun Pictures, Crossroads Productions Inc., Feisty Dame Productions Pty Ltd, Abbott Street Films, Sky House Pictures, Minds Eye Entertainment, DAVED Productions, FlickBag Inc, Rampage Productions, Tranquility Base, Southern Fried Films, 2hotfilms, FJ Productions, Arnold Leibovit Entertainment, Ideal Talent

Norma Jean's Sun, Memoir ( Based on a True Story )

"A Wonderful commentary on the very things that make us all human" "Brave honesty of confession, makes the book unique" "Touching story, full of hope" The story is not only convincingly true, but will rivet the reader with its genuine and unassuming pathos. It is this kind of brave honesty of confession and growing philosophy that makes the book unique.

Miraculous tale of how a boy, born into unimaginable physical and emotional pain and destined to be a misfit, finds his way in a world of "others." Few could survive so many torturous years of surgical intervention and a ensuing lifelong struggle with drugs and alcohol addiction and come out ahead. This moving tale reveals not only the struggle and heartrending elements of generational lives "gone wrong," but also the love and growth of a human being overcoming the odds and determined to find a way to live life to the fullest. Based on a true story, the author's unapologetic prose prompts enduring ethical questions and makes a gripping, personal read. Norma Jean's Sun is painfully reflective yet ultimately hopeful, a story told through the eyes of a boy who believes he has been mistakenly born into the world and a man who conquers physical and emotional injustice--and thrives. The reader will be challenged to answer the difficult questions of right and wrong as they may apply to his or her own life. It is clear that it is the hope of this author that the reader's conclusions will lead to a more fulfilled view of the "parallel beauty that lives just beneath the surface for us all."

Norma Day (True Story - Inspirational Family Drama) 

Generational History results in double indemnity when Norma gives birth to a child with profound disabilitating birth defects and will follow a forbidden love on an incredible journey at the risk of losing her Only Son! A Powerful Leading Lady of Grace, Dignity & Inspiration travels to a translucent ending that will touch your core!

Never in our silent moments of illusion do we sense the dark parallel that lives beside us. Nor do we suspect the carrier.

For Additional Info & Script Option Listing:

Norma Jean's Sun, Memoir by Kris Courtney

Monday, December 21, 2015

#2015inReview - A Year of Familiar

#2015inReview – Year of Familiar’s

“Well, I wrote my Suicide Note Last night” were the first words I posted on New Year’s Day 2015 at 8am.  And I went on to describe how I felt disconnected from the efforts of 2014.  My energy and efforts of that day started with a Spiritual Breakfast and then later a Pastoral Cleansing / Cloaking to take on the power, strength and success of my previous year’s efforts.


"Peligroso Libertad"

What happened next was never expected.  When I returned to my home in Florida at 11:30 am, I walked into my house and the phone was blowing UP!  See, I made a choice to separate from all “technical” electronics and reach for a more centered heart.  In doing so, I felt an Energy Release of negative from the “failed” perceptions of last year’s artistry and creativeness!  As I picked up my phone a voice began to weep in hysterical sob.  A woman I barely knew was reaching out to me in a form of love from the state of Oregon that I would later find conflicting, But at this moment her uncertainties of my condition were obvious!  She reached across miles and hours to tell me that I was loved as ‘Family…  That I had someone who considered me to be a family member and that God Loved me as a significant person…

 Then the Door Rang!

“Hello, please come outside Mr. Courtney” said the neatly dressed armed man around the corner.  As I walked out to my porch, quickly around the corner appears three more similar.  “I have to hang up the phone right now, I will have to call you back” I spoke with clarity of the moment!  These kind gentlemen began to search my pants, shirt and asked me to step inside …  Standing in attention, the tall force of a Rookie by the door, the two Administrator Officers began to speak.  “Mr. Courtney, Why are you Even Here?  We have looked at your website, read all about you, You belong in a place like Sarasota, Santa Fe or California?!”  “Well, it’s funny you say that” I nervously respond.  The other spoke, “You know, here in Florida they have a law called the ‘Baker Act’ and based upon the 71 phone calls our 911 Department got from all over the United States this morning, we would be taking you away right now for 72 hours of Observation.”  He went on to say, “However, between me and my partner we have over 50 years of experience. We read your whole message that ended with the St Assisi Prayer, you were telling 2014 to F%#& Off” As the well clothed man held up his hand in gesture with a wry smirk …  I answered quick with Enthusiasm “YES” !!!  An Hour later, the two Officers left with a Signed copy of my Book’s …

When I later that day replied to all of you online, it was clear that my error was to not clarify my objective of language upfront. Although some of you clearly understood, many of you were upset and my gift of words had caused you ache, I am very aware of that power and responsibility and apologize!  As the title of this year in review suggests, the “Familiar” also applies to a word that has appeared in my life this year “Family”.  And that word has not served well through experiences that have followed.

OH BTW, You recall that Cadillac Deville I stuffed full of everything I owned 5 years ago?  Well I sold that in Florida with almost 300,000 miles on it !!!  She sure treated me well, but then I needed something to get around on – SO I bought me a Scooter !!!  

I got a little VESPA and installed LED lights, a SDRAM Card Stereo System, Loaded it up With BOB Seger  and Cruised on ‘TAMIAMI Trail (41) for 4 months!  

Man was That FUN !!!

The word “Family” as defined  ‘a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation/fellowship”

Although that Fan/Friend on the phone would later become a perplexing and distant memory, for a brief moment, I had a voice that spoke to me in a loving manor and flooded my heart with consideration that left more bewilderment than clarity.  In a literature I read many times before, it speaks of how most people will never understand or experience a indisputable spiritual experience for it will be confused by “Exaggerated Emotions”  In the expression of love, it proved later that I had become a focus position for many.  It is a responsibility that has caused me more pain than elation.  I realize that my energy draws people towards and that my talents are respected.  But I will also tell you that similar magnet will attract pot-metal and folks who are not truly interested in my strength of mind but more so in the condition or value of their association!

As many of you know, my life is absent from genuine “Family” close. Although I have two children, they have taken a path of life absent from my involvement, a choice beyond my control.  Although I suspect my error among many, is that a financial reference is their only understanding.  Evidence suggests since my lack of a $100 in my pocket is somehow connected to the function of a telephone as well …  My parental love remains no matter the vacancy.  I do have the luxury of a few dear cousins that are outlying, but since my Fathers passing in 2006, I have been without a Christmas, Thanksgiving and all other events tied to a kin love.  And there brings another variable of what that “Love” is supposed to represent?  So many times, the “Conditional Love” that I witness others, listen to complaints, gossip and frustrations, leave me with a blessing and burden.  Of which either one is adequate and Familiar …

I read an article once in Dayton Ohio that spoke about Unity and Fellowship.  It was titled the “Definition of a Relationship”  It went on to say that most relationships are nothing more than short or long term sexual  liaisons and that in fact, in most circumstances, people have to use “Great Imagination” to use the words “I Love You”!  And that all others are defined by blood & genetics only!

And then another familiar day appeared…

So, faced with the risk of Depression from not securing a Film Funding through KickStarter, I was still very much excited by the Success of the SW Florida Holiday Art Abstract Show.  


Yet still alone, disconnected and lost in purpose as another familiar, my aspirations remain to work through and trudge the road to get this Film Produced!  In the meantime, a Dear Friend and Furniture Artist in Albuquerque NM sent me a Facebook request challenge!  His request asked me to create 5 original works of artistic ability.  As a Result of carrying a remembrance of a Beagle Dog named “Scooter”, it was time to write and bring into being the Children’s Book that had been held in my mind for decades!  Perhaps another exaggerated emotion ….  
I had begun to feel exhausted and lacking in Florida.

Familiar with traveling, my fortitude however has now become disconnected and lost by now seeking to regain a security of home.  The transient and isolation of Florida’s absent population and the overflow of those who didn’t care began to leave me without a sense of community.  My thoughts began to look towards Dayton Ohio, a place once familiar as a comfort when I used to be somebody.  Somebody who had focus and home, which in its tone is Ironic, considering I have touched 45 states and lived residency in 23 of them…   A “Gypsy” has been termed in my direction more than once.  I consider that axiom as equal to “Crippled” which is equally familiar and not welcomed, no matter how many references appear.

 As I began to realize the therapeutic benefits of Florida Sun, I also noticed the isolation of the transient lifestyle. You would think that felt comfortable to a person in my current position?  Yet, with each night of silent kitchen, the occasional visitor seeking energy would only pacify my time.  I have found that many times when women seek comfort outside the marriage, relationship or drama of their own “Familiar” they are confused when then intensity of my energy surpasses their expectations.  I wish that burden did not appear in my life but then that would require my heart to close and judge the next experience based upon the pain of my recent events.  I have always said, “I will be Damned if I will allow the Pain of My Past to Control the Love of my Future”.  Sound familiar?

Back to the year in artistry …

As the result of knowing an Artist in the local area, I had a conversation once that led to the idea of doing an Illustration Collaboration.  Thus, introduce the Fine Art Artist, Judy Cowan Lee!


Through a series of pencil drawings, sketches and ideas, Judy was instrumental in drawing the raw sketches for Ginger, background work and active participant in the construction efforts and building “It’s OK Scooter”  Our initial target was to have the book finished by April 1st and it took all of that and more!  Delighted in that I would do all the painting and writing, our share of this project brought Joy to our Hearts, Blossomed a Unique and Treasured Friendship that I have no doubt will last forever!  Judy is an Incredible Woman who has an incredible family!  A True Example of Unconditional Love!

Through a couple of chance meetings with the Local Mayor Jacqueline, the SW Florida Human, Atwater  Elementary and North Port Florida officials, on May 15th “Scooter” came Alive on the Front Page of the Herald Sun of SW Florida and 300 kids who fell in love with a little children’s book!  A position of recognition that humbles me to this date and am extremely grateful for the Blessings associated!

Now for the Familiar , again …

I have been so Blessed in 2015, yet the previous years are carried over and the entire effort of creating a Film now becomes the Only Focus I can See!  And then a Familiar shadow appears …

But just prior, a dear friend who was Veteran was about to get married.  His soon to be wife had sent me a request to present an illustration of energy for a gift – SEMPER FI


I have always said that when my Flame burns High, my light shines brightest is when the Moths fly closest!  But it is also the same when the Light is Bright, the Shadows are the Darkest & Deepest!  Often times I have found that God will use light as much as dark to guide our paths and this experience seems no different!  So in a few short weeks after being successful, my journey home begins.  But where is home?  As the moments grew in depth, I made a choice to travel back to Ohio.

But just before I left, I had to create one last painting before leaving Florida! “The Band”

As I was leaving SW Florida that day, I stopped at the local Starbucks and through a Serendipitous meeting, a conversation with a couple who were full of Spiritual Energy, but spoke soft and carried a genuine Blessing in their pace.  As we spoke further, I asked them to follow me to my SUV.  Hatch opened and with much shuffling around, as I began to write on the back of the canvas in dedication, the young ladies eyes wept, his Smile grew and they accepted my gift.  Blessings, I left in tears as well…

Family –vs- Familiar

As a result of no family but only a few select friends, I felt that journey would serve me well to be close to Indiana but not too close.  The City of Dayton had always been kind to me and in the first couple weeks, the familiar was comfortable!  However the energy of seeking a studio and my health began to surface as a concern.  I continued to reach out to a local business complex that agreed to a Studio Space in Oakwood, a suburb of Dayton.  Yet the over-seas ownership would continue to drag and request miniature tactic that delayed the move in date.  It was as if the Universe simply did not want me there…  

In a very Joyful experience, I conducted a Book signing for Scooter & Norma Jean’s Sun in Muncie Indiana in September and in absolute gratitude to a dear friend Linda. What an Angel in my life she had become through a thousand miles and until this time, we had never met.  I pray we never separate as friends, she has offered me a friendship that I do not understand and it has arrived in silence without a condition visible.  A friendship I am not familiar with …

But like all experiences, this book signing came with a cost and set me up for a following event that changed my mind on a decision I had been battling on whether or not to move back to Santa Fe, NM.

After moving into a Condo at the Carillon House, I thought it would be a soft and comfortable winter to adjust.  And slowly as time went on, my health began to soften and the FLU like symptoms grew.  After a few weeks, I went to the Dr. only to be given a steroid shot to release the ill feelings.  In the mean time, I continued to negotiate with the Oakwood Shops to secure the Studio & Gallery.  After reaching a secured deal with the property manager, the (Foreign based Ownership) again began a repeated effort of duplicate questions.  It was as if the force was telling me this was not going to work.  In this same frame of time, I found myself alone and absent of the friendship base that I had once thought in place and even though a couple dear people were available, the isolation was still present in not only my affairs but in the daily efforts to connect.  I walked alone again, a familiar identity in age.
Then one day, after many hours of wonder and thought, I took my rental car back to the Airport.  As I rode the RTA System from Dayton home, the Bus decided to stop on a Dime! 

An elder gentleman thought he would use the same lane as the Bus and as a result the bus came to an immediate stop to avoid the catastrophe!  Well, for those of you who are still reading this correspondence, you know what happen next – YEP, my little short fat ass took off in Mid Air and landed 30ft away!  After checking, I refused the Drivers question of an Ambulance (Never occurred to me to be a Crook and Fake what isn’t True? Hmmmmm).  It was as if this was the last straw, sound familiar?  Here’s your sign and after a round of denials for the Bus Company to correct the issue (Because there was no Police Report)  I have once again found that the light was casting a silhouette, my ability to breathe was at risk and I was being tempted by a friend to return to Santa Fe.  So, after a dinner with a couple very beautiful souls and a extraordinary neighbor, a visit down the street and a last meal at Christopher’s that melted my heart, I drove away…  A pose in life that has become all too familiar.

Stopping off in Indianapolis for a couple weeks, I was blessed to be the Guest of a Dear friend who allowed me to recover from my Health concerns in a serene home that was reflective in character and tone!  I will always be very grateful to many but a select few have genuinely cared for my welfare without expectations!  An Unconditional Love no matter the risks or rewards and never to punish in voice barbed with gossip or venomous words in passing.  It is the core of those I will continue to remain in communication with and Indianapolis offered me that and more … Thank You!

Now, on to Santa Fe and the Land of Enchantment!
So here I am, welcomed and greeted by many and safely asleep in bed rented from friends.  And although the expression “never do business with family & friends” is a truth, the temporary has served.

"Over Easy, Santa Fe"

Now being here for a few weeks, I have been greeted by many who recall my familiar trail from years ago and welcomed me with kindness, well wishes and benevolence!  The friends who reached out to invite have offered safety and blessings that I will always revere with a kind memory and special place in heart!  But as with all transitions, the purpose is to establish a singular point of life and the soft landing provided has given rest, peace and energy to a weary voyager … A position I wish to no longer consent to and will soon establish home again.  And thus this brings me to a summary of note.

In Summary, please allow me to say thank you for traveling with me!  In this world of distractions, quick fixes, fast scams and empty commitments or provisional affection, your honor of my expedition continues to astonish me with moments of uncontaminated Joy!  Bless you, all of you …  And to those whom I have lost, either by observation or commentary, please know that I have never exhausted your memory from my anthology of treasures.  I genuinely reflect on a regular basis of what is familiar in my life, memories!  I set out to find something 5 years ago and although some recently perhaps have viewed my abrupt alterations as running, or misplaced in purpose, I assure you my compass is not broken.  In fact, I suspect it works too well as it allows me to reallocate focus when challenged.  I suppose that is a variable many will not understand till you too are unaccompanied.  Maybe you do?

2015 was a hard year to reflect back upon and the coming days are not stable enough to predict.  I am afraid and tears for others, myself and our humanity visit frequently, a familiar consciousness of solitude.  I have prospects and channels of production that will continue to be my center of attention and the largest fear I carry today, is that I will not be alive when this film is produced.  I’m sure some may have scoffed at that proclamation more than once and as I have mentioned previously, then you will have no need for a VIP invite or ticket to the premier …  For those who have remain, I assure you, I will and have provided a liberty reserved not only in my future but the warmth of what love and care I have left to make available.  I am a poor man, self funded, economically bankrupt this year as a result of my expenditures to accomplish what I have set out to bring into being.  I regret nothing and sorrow for those whose hopes and support has deflated with each rise and fall of my efforts.
SO I will leave you with this and say that should our familiarity ever feel memorable in heart, pain or concern, please know that it has been You who I Envy and Admire!  See, you are Family to a world that travels with me; you are my Cousins, Aunt & Uncles and Brother and Sisters!  You have cared for me when I was unable to do so for myself unconditionally!  That is the Love of Family I grew Up with, the ones who knew how to speak softly, a Hug of genuine care, a smile of warmth from across the span!  A light in my darkness and a powerful force of energy that I have drawn upon for hours and hours from Miles & Miles away … There will be some who call and others who will disregard but if this is my last utterance, my last message or witness to you as my friend, my family or simply a familiar visage – I love you, no conditions, no requirements, no refunds …

Happy Holidays to you, Kris -