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I Survived a Full-Term Abortion

Perhaps this story should begin where my book and screenplay start in 1930 and follow the path it took to get to 1959. However with attention span and wisdom of most readers in today’s instant gratification society, I will summarize the decades to highlight the impact.

My Generational penalty has little to do with the topic mentioned other than to say that I was considered to become an aborted fetus at time of birth. And no different than the recent political and moral battles ongoing, my immediate family at the time had similar debate with a much heated and violent reaction to the moment that I was born with multiple amputations, birth defects & deformities along with malformed heart and organ challenges that Medical Science of the 1950’s were very incompetent to correct, rather than to simply avoid and eliminate at time of discovery. And in some cases as in mine, the argument may very well have held valid points in both areas of discussion.

As it were by the example that I am typing this letter, my abilities have grown past the restricted potential once outlined for my life. However in every case of the lifelong self imposed opinion “God Made a Mistake” I am very much aware of the imposing cost my Mother and Father took on with the choice of Life. I know that it took every Matriarch and Patriarch in our Family, plus those of multiple organizations to raise a child with special needs. And although that term “Special Needs” was not coined in our household, or the imagery of my extensive disabilities in surgical view ever to be caught on film. I can assure you that the penalty of life was not easy. I am sure that although never spoken, there had to of been thoughts of “wish we had, or what if”. I know those same questions of fate have haunted me too…

I am not writing this to highlight or argue either side of the issue other than to tell you that I survived to see a better day as the result of it not being a part of My Family Story! And not to any surprise, people seem to be ignorant to the hidden facts that fetus termination is not a new thing, at any stage of birth! It is only becoming visible and challenged because of what I perhaps would call lack of education and 50 years of exploited freedom! We have raised 3 generations of people who are no longer able to understand the cost of sacrifice to have the freedom in this world we enjoy. It is that very freedom that I consider precious and will tell you first hand, I am grateful to be alive & able to be living a full life!

As perhaps many will begin to debate this letter or its value, I can tell you that I made many mistakes with this Gift of Life given and every choice was guided by selfish means in so many ways. I would struggle on so many levels that our social conceptions either failed to recognize or simply had no time in a plastic community seeking a replacement for the last throw away. A throw away I am not and as years would go by, the destructive behaviors of others towards people with disabilities seemed to continue to grow more and more vacant of structure that retained humanity. The words Cripple and Freak or the ultimate question: “What Happen to You?” would surface in almost every introduction. And as time evolved into adulthood these terms never ceased, even to this day…

As my life now ebbs into elder years, there is the question of facility care, special needs, disability support and accessibility limits rather than potential. And each step along the way is in preparation for the time when isolation and death arrives inside a facility. A life ending condition that I came to accept many years ago. As in the previous 100 years, almost all disabled children were at some point in time, swept off to a facility where the “medication” was administered to a point of escape and a quiet death. And many will argue perhaps also that why spend all that time and money, why not terminate at birth and save the community public the expense? Save the family the grief or the medical drain on social programs… Give the “Healthy People” a better value for money spent!

I am not sure where this letter will go or how it will be received after speaking in such plain and transparent terms. But I will tell you that I have had one heck of a life and continue to reach for more that is inside my abilities. Some of you may have read my Children’s Book and inside there is a phrase “Ability Is, As Ability Does” and the summary is, It’s Ok to be yourself! And that is ultimately the position I will take on this, it is Ok for me to be Me! And in doing so the respect and admiration I have for the entire Village it took to raise me as a child, to pay the 100’s of thousands of Medical Bills, to resign from all of their own dreams and hopes of a life lived different to care for an imposing consequence that was a choice! To realize the rewards will far out weight the cost and take responsibility.

Finally, I will close this letter in true “One Finger” fashion and tell you that my Artistry gives me Joy. And in that, my goals are to one day allow that platform to serve as a Benevolent Energy that gives witness not to the disabilities, but rather the Matriarch and Patriarch’s who made a choice of Life and Sacrificed their agendas for that Gift Presented! I wish for all who read this to find Gift in my Art, Inspiration in my Writings and please look forward to the production of my Award Winning Screenplay - Norma’s Sun, a True Story Full Feature Leading Lady Film. As a self funded artist, I am actively seeking Executive & Equity Funding for Production.

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"Never in our silent moments of illusion do we sense the dark parallel that lives beside us. Nor do we suspect the carrier."


American Artist Kris Courtney

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