Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Year End Summary of Events

American Artist Kris Courtney – 2009 Collection

In the previous year, American Artist & Author Kris Allen Courtney has been prolific in the utmost fashion. His collection of artwork ranges from the uncomplicated still life, dramatic spiritual impression, zestful animal and landscape depictions to the inspiring and provocative nude. In the termed Genre of Primitive Literalism, the paint escapes the canvas into the viewer’s realm to offer a glimpse of unique colorful expression.

In the course of this year’s publication, Bethesda Medical of Greater Cincinnati extended an opportunity for two selections to be included in the Grand Opening of the Mary Jo Cropper Family Center. Coincidently prior to release, the back cover of Norma Jean’s Sun – a true story memoir also written by Courtney, “Passing” was included into this arrangement. The image captures the transparency of life, which was an emotional reaction to his Fathers death. “Road King” as well is hanging proudly to display the excitement and abstract interest in an afternoon Harley Davidson motorcycle ride. Each of these works considered gems in the year events.

In April, Norma Jean’s Sun – a true story memoir was release on Originally published as an un-edited copy, the contents paralleled the life and journey of Courtney’s mother, Norma Jean. As the moving tale reveals, not only the struggle and heartrending elements of generational lives “gone wrong,” but also the love and growth of a human being overcoming the odds and determined to find a way to live life to the fullest. Based on a true story, the author’s unapologetic prose prompts enduring ethical questions and makes a gripping, personal read.

The months of September and October offered even more gratitude and publicity as Kris began his preliminary book signing tour at Middfest International Indonesia in Middletown Ohio. As well, his painting “Fragrance” gained an audience, as it became part of the Southwest Ohio Area Show judged by the Art Academy of Cincinnati. A very limited and highly visible Gallery of select works at the MAC.

As the year began to end, Courtney has continued to gain praise from readers and art connoisseurs throughout the region and abroad. Creativity drawn from both personal experience and the talented mind's eye of a master, this energy is sure to gain in both current and visibility. As reviews continue to gain character with such phrases as, “fascinating introspective” and “beautifully written”, Kris’s first authored account, Norma Jean's Sun, will certainly exceed expectations. As stated in previous, it is clear that it is the hope of this author; artist and student of the world around, your conclusions will lead to a more fulfilled view of the "parallel beauty that lives just beneath the surface for us all."

Kris Courtney

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