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Artist Estate Sale - Art Auction of Entire Collection - American Artist Kris Courtney

Art Auction

Announcing the Complete & Entire Liquidation of All Original Paintings, Artist in the Southwest Ohio area for over ten years, American Artist & Author Kris Courtney has decided to take his talents to another Artist Community

American Artist
American Artist
PRLog (Press Release) - Sep 08, 2011 - After studying in Middletown ( Middletown Arts Center ) in the early years of 2000 thru 2008 under the guiding eyes of Steve Perucca, Courtney found himself in Oxford Ohio prior with an active studio in Oxford Community Arts Center in early 2007. Although originally from the Midwest, Courtney has always been drawn to the western United States and is suspected to land in Taos New Mexico where the vibrant art community still thrives.

After many years in the South West Ohio area, Courtney is drawn to continue his artistic journey and travel. In doing so, all items will be sold…

Courtney’s artistry spans across a “Primitive Literalism” genre and as a direct student of local artist Steve Perucca (Courtney’s Mentor) original never before seen Perucca paintings are also included in this collection.

This is a complete liquidation of Courtney’s Estate and will include art supplies, paints, furniture, pottery, Wood Sculpture Items & Pottery. This represents the closing of a Home, Gallery & Studio and the opening of a new adventure. Your support and attendance is requested…

Included in this Estate Art Auction will be many of the paintings you have all come to recognize in this collection. Paintings such as "ACT" (Oil on Canvas), a noted artwork original with the Only AP (Artist Proof) hanging in Congressman John Boehners Office. Other such works include "Finished Nude" (INK on Canvas) - Featured artwork on International Musicians 'Coldplay in September 2010. Others include "My Day" (also INK); "Pain Faces" & "Broken Fence" both oils and all recognized by The Art Academy of Cincinnati in various shows. And perhaps most importantly, "Passing" (Oil on Canvas) that serves as the Back Cover of Courtney's Artist Memoir, Norma Jean's Sun.

This painting has many followers and is an emotional reaction to his Fathers death in 2006. Ironically, this painting landscape is very much an open barren and desert like image similar to the New Mexico and Southwest Region.

Other items in this sale also include Kellogg Pottery; Delores Roberson Signed "Black Bear" large print with paper contents; Robert Winslow waterscape oil painting; Dan Moore furniture artisan; Neil Simak Pottery; household appliances including Maytag, Frigidaire; Jewelry, Seiko; Computer equipment; Walking Canes, tools and an Entire Artist Studio and supplies that also include paints used by Courtney.

The Full Auction listing, associated links to Mr Doug Ross , various other outlets and auction references to Cowan Auctions of Cincinnati, Oxford Community Arts Center, Middletown Arts and surrounding venues are to follow soon. All of this information will be posted accordingly at

As with all change, I am genuinely excited and Grateful another day of Grace has allowed me a chance to expand my reach as an artist and person. I have never been one to become constrained by the limitations imposed. I also have made a large number of mistakes in my life and am continuing to enjoy this journey, scrapes and bruises ...

Many of you already have some of my originals, I Humbly Thank You! I hope you are able to attend and perhaps gain for a fraction on the dollar another of my artistic efforts to enjoy. Some of these are near and dear to me, but if you can carry them to another place and find Joy, then that will make my travels much more engaged and with purpose. The Auctioneer himself, Doug Ross, is a dear friend and kind hearted soul. He will bring a smile to your face and entertain you this day and perhaps, you may find something that can become part of your life as well ...

Wherever I land this time, I am grateful to the stop I have had here. College Corner was a chance effort and looking back, a success. I was able to infuse a local community with some energy and perhaps others can follow alike. My house and property as some of you know, presented me with some challenge and it is that reason along with the pull to become more actively involved with an economic artist community that I have decided to leave. Oxford in all its little glories has been kind to me and thus I too gave thanks. With the Foster Care program that Jimmy D Rogers and myself were allowed to present, to the music, Play Me I'm Yours and all the support at the OCAC, Uptown will always remain a special place in my heart and spirit. I ask all who read this to continue to support Middletown, Oxford and College Corner in all they have done or will continue to provide for the local communities ... Benevolence is a choice

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Norma Jean's Sun, Memoir by Kris Courtney

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