Tuesday, October 2, 2012

CC Gallery Announcement

CC Gallery is a New Gallery Opening in Lowertown Arts District in Paducah Kentucky by American Artist Kris Courtney and will highlight his talent and eclectic energy.

Formerly used to house the International Artist Coco Babenco, the gallery will still retain works by Coco who has return to her existing Art Gallery in Naples Florida. The Official Grand Opening of Courtney’s gallery will be announced in the first of the year 2013 with a celebration during the The Lower Town Arts & Music Festival May 17, 18 and 19, 2013 7th Street and Madison Street in Paducah, Kentucky.

CC Gallery is located on the corner of 6th & Harrison in the heart of Lowertown. With a huge 5000 sqft structure, much of the ground floor will be solely dedicated to display not only for the primary artists, But also an eclectic collection of local “thriving” artists who seek to find a show case to display the talents often overlooked. As with Courtney’s last gallery in Ohio, this will feature a more relaxed atmosphere that will allow for creativity and expression.

Recently returning from a years’ time in Santa Fe New Mexico where Courtney created a benevolent work of art for a local charity, his talents continue to engage at a community level with participation in the Paducah Paint the Plugs program as well. In addition his effort in Santa Fe involved mentoring, workshop and instructional and active auditing member of the Arts & Design Center and the Santa Fe Art Institute. Seeking to carry artistry to a new level for himself and his patrons, this new venture and active effort to engage with Paducah is sure to bring about continued growth for all involved.

For more information and details, visit www.kriscourtney.com

Norma Jean's Sun, Memoir by Kris Courtney

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