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Author Inspires Kids - New Book, It's OK Scooter™

 NORTH PORT Florida - May 16th, 2015

Author Inspires Children with a New Book - It's OK Scooter™ today on the "FRONT PAGE" of the North Port Sun , Herald-Tribune - American Artist Kris Courtney is Featured in the Release of his New Children's Book,  It's OK Scooter™ 

Several Atwater students' hands shot in the air when children's book author Kris Courtney asked a group, "What does this story mean?"  "It's OK to be different," one answered enthusiastically. Seated next to Courtney are North Port Commissioner Jacqueline Moore and the book's Co-Illustrator & Fine Art Artist, Judy Cowan Lee.

The book release of "It's OK Scooter" took place Friday May 15th at an Earth Day Celebration at the North Port Florida Elementary School, Atwater of Sarasota County School System.

Courtney, 55, has recently published the book, which is about a Beagle Dog named Scooter struggling with his disability - he can't use his back legs - and overcoming it!

Like Scooter, Courtney, of Venice Florida, is no stranger to overcoming obstacles. He was born with several birth defects that took roughly 20 surgeries to help correct.

"The Message I wanted to extend is that it's OK to be You, and it's OK to be Different," Courtney said. "Being a gentleman with a disability, I wanted to combine ability with disability."

This is Courtney's second published book. His first one, "Norma Jean's Sun," is a Memoir about his Mother and True Life Experiences.

With the help of Suncoast Humane Society ( ) in Englewood Florida, Courtney presented the book to different groups of students at Atwater Elementary, and introduced the to Therapy Dog Teams from SHS. The students were engaged and excited about the dogs and the book.

"My Hope is that the children walk away with feelings of hope and inspiration," Courtney said. "We all have bad days, but Ability is as Ability Does."

North Port Vice-Mayor Jacqueline Moore, who says she's passionate about the project and what it means, was in attendance to help present the book to the students. "The message that we are more alike than different is a deep part of my value system," Moore said.

According to Moore, one of the most exciting aspects of the event was the level of attention the Children were giving the book. "There is a lesson for us too, which was a wonderful surprise," Moore said. "It is exciting that old technology of a book can be so engaging."

Others from the City of North Port at the event included Commisioner Linda Yates and Assistant Police Chief Tony Sirianni.

www.kriscourtney.comIn addition to the book release party, there were other booths both inside and outside Atwater to celebrate Earth Day, which the school chose to recognize a bit later so as not to interfere with student testing. Kids got to pet a live baby alligator and work on wood projects provided by Home Depot.

"It's OK Scooter" is available for purchase through Courtney's website,, or at Article: Madison Heid, Staff Writer ( )

Find More Information and Interact with 'Scooter on Facebook & Twitter - @ItsOKScooter 

Norma Jean's Sun, Memoir by Kris Courtney

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