Monday, December 18, 2017

Norma's Sun:


This Full Feature, Female Character and Leading Lady Driven Narrative is about the life of Norma and her family history of struggle to become the Parent of a child with needs beyond any comprehension, only to find in the end an ending that will touch your core. Born into a life of isolation and pain with the graphic burden of surgical manipulation to function, walk and survive in a world of normalcy. The iconic image inspires still today and will present a platform for an audience into a never before filmed area of life inside a family struggling to accept reason. "Never in our silent moments of illusion do we sense the dark parallel that lives beside us. Nor do we suspect the carrier."

"A Wonderful commentary on the very things that make us all human" "Brave honesty of confession, makes the book unique" "Touching story, full of hope" "Eloquent, stirring and emotional, inspirational to the courageous" The story is not only convincingly true, but will rivet the reader with its genuine and unassuming pathos.

This Adaptation is a memoir that came from the depths of one man's struggle to become a predefined member of a social mold which was never cast. A confinement that would later serve to encapsulate, isolate and establish a prototype of life not understood or sought by those watching. Blessing, punishment or choice is a position each is given and though not all will genesis into a full heart, most can adapt through perseverance. Yet you will question on how or who provided the seed to a life of strife. Further, worth following.

Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards 2017 "Norma's Sun"

"Potential to be strong; A Solid Concept; Unique Situation; This story will Stand Out to Audiences; Characters who Persevere"

Thank You,

Kris Courtney 
Norma Jean's Sun, Memoir by Kris Courtney

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