Tuesday, May 31, 2011

John Bercaw Jazz - LIVE Concert Video

John Bercaw Jazz - "Heavy Water"

The term BEVIS came when Cal Collins and I were driving down route 27 to colerain for a gig & our drummer Terry Moore noticed a little town sign BEVIS. Cal, who could never remember anyones name, had a habit of calling everyone baby, which came out BYAABIS. Terry noticed the similarity and started calling me BEVIS. It stuck and I have been known as BEVIS ever since, Later BEVIS

Album Description: I dont know of any pianist who has recorded all of his storeroom of knowledge. These selections represent many years of gigs, practice, schooling and study. I would like to leave a legacy of the songs I love and some I dont. I began in the late fifties thinking all I wished to do would be to take a descent improvised chorus on blues or rythm changes. I was able to do that and went on to just be the best piano player I could be. Here they are, mistakes and all. JBB

Find more info: www.johnbercawjazz.com

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