Thursday, October 2, 2014

True Story Feature Narrative Film - KickStarter

True Story Feature Narrative Film - Norma Jean's Sun

This is our Mission


This Narrative Film will cover many emotional hills & valleys of basic characteristics that make us all human in our Heart and Minds! By Incorporating Crowd-Funding through Kickstarter, you will be given a chance to become part of a generational life changing event! 

The core of this True Story told is that of a Family whose travels are wide and winding through the fabric of Middletown USA America and begin in Muncie Indiana. The participation rewards include Cast Signed and Personalized Production Set materials, First Release DVD with Select Directors Cuts and Extras, Associate Production Assistance, Credit Recognition and Executive Producer Level Backer positions! In addition, another Exciting and Progressive Reward will be the Inclusion of Fine Art Originals and Creativity submitted by you that will appear in the screen shots, select locations and critical value to the Story Line! Each of these Rewards is Significant but included is also Your Chance to become a part of the Original Cast and Extra as a walk on part with lines and dialogue to the Stars!



Whether you’re a part of the Crew, an Extra in the Crowd or a Platinum Producer, this project set inside the workings of a Never Before Filmed capture of Family Dynamics in a world of Birth Defects, Disabilities, Alcoholism and Socially excluded taboo events, You are sure to walk away from this experience with the conviction of Benevolence and Witness to a Heartwarming and Spiritually stimulating message of Hope, Transparency and Inspiration! Emerging through the ashes of strife and challenge will be people and places surely to leave an impression.

As written almost 50 years ago, this tale of misfits will travel through time from 1928 to present. Adapted from the Bestseller Memoir, Norma Jean’s Sun – The finished working draft title of “Norma Day” script (WGA Registration number - I267790) is now set in place through multiple channels of production including the Industry Standard “FinalDraft” Screenplay Writer Software. Known for use by all Major Production including MGM, ABC, Warner Brothers and Disney!

Also of note and priority is the fact that due to the nature of this Narrative Feature Film, the subject will reference many of the complexities for people with disabilities! As a result, the production of this film will generate an alliance with a host of Organizations that include March of Dimes, St. Jude’s and Ruth Lyons Foundation as well as the Susan Cohen Colon Cancer Foundation! These are the threads of human interaction that will become not only a part of the film’s production, but outreach to all those involved! It is our mission to provide exposure, benevolent endorsements in both giving and receiving and then allow a platform of reference to engage a conversation follow by action to improve the quality and strength of these critical support channels.

We are all more alike than we are Different …


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