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Norma Day (Norma Jean's Sun, Memoir - True Story)

Norma Day - Screenplay Adapted

(Based on Norma Jean's Sun, Memoir - True Story) 

Logline: A Family History of Choices, Imposing Consequences and the People who Survive with Grace & Unparalleled Ability! Dramatic journey of secrets, the carrier unknown and the burden imposed, Norma will stride through the illumination of what is possible and the shadow of reality to raise a Child with Special Needs.

WGA East Registration number - I267790

Family history resulted in the bearing of a child with double the indemnity of passing on a flawed gene pool magnified in subsequent generations. And so Norma Jean gives birth to Kris, a child with multiple profound skeletal deformities and webbing of digits that required full body cast at birth (separating him from the succor of a mother's hands and causing a sense of shame to the father), a condition so severe that it took in excess of twenty surgeries in an attempt to correct the deformities.

This is not just a memoir, it’s a tale of courage, family failings and devotion & discovery. One man’s detached observation of his family, himself, and life ‘s twist turns and fate! It will leave you with much more of a willingness to accept life's insecure patterns with a zest for self discovery and adventure!

Opening Scene:
The morning opens and a mist of innocence appears across the countryside, telling us the day is new. The feeling of hope and love and the humble awareness of duty is clear, if only for a moment. It is that inspiration that follows us into a small town, where we are awakened by a cool frost to the laughter of children playing on this Sunday morning.

The broken glass that cloaks the upstairs window tells the story of an empty future, or a past that need not be spoken. Though the fence around the side yard still stands strong, it needs a painting, and the swing set is rusted with neglect. It speaks in the wind, claiming its independence and its loneliness.

This journey begins a tale from this same old house resting on the hill. It offers a view of the carnival that comes every year to this small town and sets up just across the tracks. The pallet is dry now; the colors are gone. The saga told only drawn darker as the years have passed, bitter days into bitter cold nights. All that comes now are glimpses of the faces that have graced my soul.

Here in this town the tracks that once haunted the family still brought on a moment of fear, one of doubt and confusion of the kind that flashes across one’s mind. In that flash of clarity, one finds oneself experiencing either a moment of relief—or of confinement. It was no different for these children except that they knew on which side of the tracks they belong, isolated. Time was empty; it paused unwittingly.

Never in our silent moments of illusion do we sense the dark parallel that lives beside us. Nor do we suspect the carrier.
Norma Jean’s Sun, True Story Memoir published in 2009 which has received International exposure and praise for Courtney’s accomplishments and continues to rank as a best seller on Amazon. The story is described by reviewers as “Eloquent, stirring and emotional, inspirational to the courageous” Publishers Weekly 2011: “Touching story, full of hope”

Most Memoirs will take a path of less traveled or still even more; will only show you the surface damage. That is not the case with this tale of patrons to a journey of emotional and moral challenge. The pages of which will show the struggle and parallel connection to an audience never before seen in both human spirit and tragedies of taboo behavior by choice or imposed.

Norma Jean’s Sun is a memoir that came from the depths of one man’s struggle to become a predefined member of a social mold which was never cast. A confinement that would later serve to encapsulate, isolate and establish a prototype of life not understood or sought by those watching. Blessing, punishment or choice is a position each is given and though not all will genesis into a full heart, most can adapt through perseverance. Yet in this episode, you will question on how or who provided the seed to a life of strife. Further, worth following…

Living with the knowledge that from the beginning as a known visual mistake. Each passing of a mirror brought continuous censor. Multiple attempts to ignore the obvious, always knowing the grotesque image was that of a failed attempt at Gods perfect world. Surrounded by a crowd of normal, that highlighted the intense despair, perversion and a soul sickness that only led to extinction. Yet the very energy of creation, hope and inspiration through subterranean gifts, gives rise to a strength each one of us may hope to summon in the face of turmoil and loss. Gathering precious glimpses that in all lives, our given energy & beauty can carry through…

American Artist Kris Courtney

WGA East Registration number - I267790

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