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2014 Year in Review, Light at End of Tunnel

2014 Year in Review, Light at End of Tunnel

2014 End’s now with a walk of warmth and fatigue from a long Tunnel that remained visible through an illumination to follow …  As this light becomes near, The Year in Review began with much enthusiasm.  I wish to extend this summary note and say to all that I thank you once again for the generousity, patron and appreciation for the gifts I have been allowed to share with you ...

As January rolled into View, my excitement of following the final leg of journey to Florida (East/West/North/South) and all the energy it takes to find Inspiration.  Having already reserved a Home waiting in the Venice Area, My goal for 2014 was to accomplish the ultimate reason for my Journey and write the Screenplay for ‘Norma Jean’s Sun. In addition, to extend Artistry and work towards Opening my 4th Gallery/Studio … As a Man who has found vigor beyond my own understanding, I found a Fear and apprehension of leaving Paducah Kentucky even in light of New Experiences.

So as the scheduled Date of March 30th approaches,  Not any different than previous Gallery closures, It was time to liquidate my remaining Originals and Create a Singular painting for the region I had visited.  Although I personally felt overwhelmed with emotion of leaving dear friends found in a small quaint Iconic Treasure of the Middle South, Paducah KY was never intended as a lasting stop. In fact, had that trip to the grocery in August of 2012 heading back to the B&B never occurred, I was leaving Paducah the following week for a subsequent destination. I am grateful for many things about my stay in Kentucky that is not limited to the Beautiful People that allowed my Energy to be accessible and those who accepted my welcomed open door … Bless you with much care !!!
As many know, the Painting “Phoenix” was a joint effort to raise awareness for Domestic Violence through the Guardian Family in Metropolis IL.  It was through a Blessed Art Patron who wished to Purchase this Iconic work for a medical Facility in Union Tennessee that now Inspires and Graces each patient as they Enter into a place of Hope, Grace and Relief – The very theme of my Energy of Creativity that was inspired at a time of much softer and serendipitous emotional moment …  I am Humbly Grateful that those who view my talents each day find the love and Strength of what God has allowed!

In the Fury of making sure the Studio , Gallery and Paintings are handled correctly, I found myself in the company of a Woman who stole my heart … ( I guess I need to to stop loving with my Heart )  As time came, I was fully prepared to remain, but we both agreed to continue and yet looking back, it remains a choice of query and my respect for this lovely Lady remains…  But yet the task at hand continues!

SO, What should I paint to remember Kentucky – Hmmmmm “HORSE” LoL

This painting "Pony Up" was granted the privilege to hang on Display at “Doe’s Steak House” prior to being purchased by a Fine Art Collector in Indiana where it now hangs in a home of charm!  The act of creating this painting was Fun and many of you have found that this Genre of Conceptual Abstract is a technique you wish for me to repeat in a series or another effort, Bless you & Thank you …

Well, The time has come to say goodbye to a tearful day and Empty Gallery, Packed Car, Sold Harley and an Empty Road of Travel for the next 2 Weeks as I begin a Journey across the US to my intention …
As I traveled the Country, I witnessed the scent of Food, the Signs of Life, Sounds of Culture, Views of Strife and so many tales of Survival in Middle America. With Muscle Shoals, Selma, St Simons Island, the back country roads of Alabama without a single Interstate, I spent the following weeks on a spiritual and emotional journey to a place never before seen and a path perhaps never traveled again …  Arriving in Florida a day early, met by a Dear Friend in Lakeland I had the ironic experience to be Interviewed on TV news that very afternoon and followed the next couple days of discovery to my new place of Warmth.
Now begins a task that will exhaust me with all the fervor of the dying to extend emotion, pain and 3D expression of life to adapt the Book Norma Jean’s Sun into a full length, Feature Narrative Screenplay.  It would be this experience that leads me into my next level of force and isolation from what once thought to be close friends.  I have said this many times before, “Social Technology, Breeds Anti-Social Behavior” And through that, many people once engaged in my Light, found that being loyal through my darkness was not a strength they can endure.  I have known the “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” is a true guide for people, But in a series of “TXT” messages, the farce of a screen now stood for a means of saying goodbye.  The emotional struggle I have extended to write this Film Script is now one of the hardest experiences of my Life, Bar None!
In the completion & duration, I was privileged to also conduct an “Abstract Expression” program for the SW Florida area in this region and had 7 AMAZING Students who would Show their work in a Christmas Art Show in December.  I am very excited to be a part of that energy !!  But now onto the next duty…
As a Registered & Complete work, The Book, Screenplay and all works associated have now become a permanent fact in my life and it is time to construct the goal of my 5 year plan , to begin and expose production of a Film that completes the artistry I set out on December 15th, 2009.

It has been these 5 years of professional relationships, Artistic partnerships, friendships and extension of my talents to aid benevolent creativity that I now need the same Support & Exertion from those whom I promoted, created, solicited and pushed higher to shine in light. The need to gain Publicity , Artist Solicitation, Charitable Participation in the Arts, Music and Press will be Key to the Success of a $500k Kickstarter Campaign to be launched on September 30th, the Anniversary of Norma’s passing.
LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION are the words and Push needed to gain a successful listing on Kickstarter and with the authorization to continue, the Online flood of listings began.  Initially it appeared that many of my contacts were in place and the support so Mutually essential was able to be return. 

Unfortunately that is not the case and as the Numbers began to appear, Many of my Fans who So lovingly gave support, were simply not going to be enough for an “All or Nothing” Funding. I made a very heart breaking choice to pull the campaign on October 11th and thus at first, to also pull my Online Presence.
In a very poignant time, a Dear few reached out to me in a moment of Inspiration. Those who I would consider “Fair Weather” friends fell by the wayside and perhaps were never true to the core of a enduring relationship with me to begin. But I pray that should they ever become one-dimensional in support, cloudy in depression or Glory in Reaching for Their Passion, they never experience isolation from people whom anticipated or depended upon. It hurts and through a keyboard Avatar, Human touch evaporates quickly …
As a result of doors closing , One always wants to grab onto the Fairy tale of another Window opens …  And so as I write this year end, 5 year plan exhausted, Yesterday I received yet another rebuttal for the Script and Film project from Amazon Studios.  I am lost with what to do next ….
YET , Yet …………………
As I sit here and mirror back on these short few weeks previous from the Ice Cream CafĂ© on Jekyll Island, South Carolina on a warm Spring day with the echo laughter around, I am reminded of what has occurred in these times. Those students I mentioned, well they not only won, But 4 out of the 7 won awards and even including the ‘GRAND Prize !! As well, I gained a small recognition in an ‘Honorable Mention’ for a painting called “Tapestry” created during the 2014 Florida Session. 
That “Pony Up” continues to draw Fans & Attract new appreciation that pushes me closer to another Studio someday. And through multiple other works, I have found Gratitude for the many of you who Compliment and Encourage me … Who knows, maybe another Gallery/Studio will appear in Florida after all …

I would be less than myself if I did not develop a final reflection upon my heart & soul.  I am a Man of failures, broken in many ways and lost in spirit currently, That’s a Fact which in No Way alters my respect for you as a friend!  However, I have found a few in my walk and channeling through this Tunnel that perhaps would rather turn about and go back to the Light, the recognizable.  I have met many in these 5 years that I will treasure as a part of my Heart forever. I assure you as I weep authoring these characters, it has been these nuggets of Love that keep me awaken in God’s Radiance on a New Day! There have been many of dusks over the last few months that a weaken spirit drifts to sleep for release of pain that no surgeon can amend!  I fully understand the cycle of what Hope, Inspiration, Joy and Truth can bring and for those of You who have that temporary Gift in your Life now, Please treasure it for the Moment that it arrives – This too Shall Pass …  And when it Does, please know that should you never see me again or our paths never cross – It Means only I am vacant in manifestation!  Know my heart still holds your Admiration , Friendship and Care tight as always …
My 5 year Plan, artistic endeavor at what has taken my soul in a ‘Old Caddy as a Vagabond all over this Country now comes to a close. Norma Jean is an Angel, My Guardian Angel and Her Glory, Strength and Grace has been presented to the world in the First Book sold, First 5Star Review! It was Enough, It will never become more gratifying than to know my life, words and Mother have impacted and changed another person’s life for the better!  If that alone is the purpose of my gate, the answer to the question of “What ?” then it has been completely justified to risk all expense! 
In the Middle of my stride I played in the sands of Enchantment, walked along the Edge of Earth in Arizona, witnessed a Universe of Blaze in the night sky, smelled the scent of serenity, tasted a palette of Gods spice, Rode through the Gardens of God and traveled a Country that is Rich in Wealth and pains in poverty… Each turn gave appearance to people who are inside my soul, Bless you! Merry Christmas to You, Happy Holidays and thank you for coming along my side, I hope you found the last 5 years interesting and full of inspiration for You to venture out on your own Dream !

Cya Later ,

In light of that, this “Editors Release” was published on December 15th, 2009. And no different than previous Year in Review letters, I am offering Free eBook PDF Kindle Download for 5 Days (December 18th - 22nd) in honor of that publication and the continued #1 bestseller ranking & reviews. In addition, this year I would also like to offer to anyone who cares or finds interest, a Signed Author copy & modest reduction in Gift as a show of benevolence to those who have been kind to my journey.
I would like to offer a $25 Limited Time copy to those who ask and pay online. If interested, send payment to PayPal through My Website:

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