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2011 Year in Review & Gratitude

2011 Year in Review & Gratitude

Well, as 2010 ended I thought that I was going to get a break in activity – Yeah Right!

On January 3, 2011 I received in the mail a Federal Issued document that was a response from Honorable US Speaker of the House, John Boehner. The letter was an extension of gratitude to me for a first run AP of the Oil Painting “ACT” and my True Story Memoir I sent to Mr. Boehner. He was appreciative and has now “Proudly Displayed” my art in his office, I’m humbled. What a great start to the new year and I am fully aware of the responsibility that this carries, thank you …

As the year continued, tasks and efforts began ramping up for the soon to be “Suit Case Full of Blues” Foster-Child Enrichment Blues Concert in association and featuring Jimmy D Rogers. In the summer previous, Jimmy had asked during a conversation at Mac & Joes in Oxford Ohio if I would be interested in helping him put together a Concert & Show to benefit Foster Children in Southwest Ohio, obviously my answer was both eager and yes! Over the next few months up until show time April 30th, 2011.

(Suitcase Full of Blues presented by Foster Child Enrichment Council and Jimmy D Rogers on April 30th, 2011. A benefit Musical Blues Concert put on FREE for the purpose of collecting Suitcases for Children and raise awareness for Foster & Adoption Families)

As the efforts’ and benevolence continues, the local College Corner Food Pantry finds itself less than fully stocked and I was grateful to offer a couple of my Original Oils ( ABBY & THE VIEW ) up for Auction to support and provide a small amount of funds to help with the larger picture. It tugs at my heart to the struggles many are facing in hunger and pain in this wealthy yet ignorant Country we reside. How can we continue to ignore the fatal actions of a few that impact the masses?

Although the establishment of my Gallery & Studio offered great hope and energy, it unfortunately became a financial & health risk draw that became too much to handle without a promotional event, “Artist’s in the Corner” which was held in Downtown College Corner (Outside Oxford). The building itself and the owners unfortunately failed to honor the remodeling agreement and profited from my generosity. However, the Art & Music Festival went off well and 20 Individual Artists & Musicians performed all day long. Many of the Artisans (Dan Moore, Neil Simak, Howard Krauss, Brittany Lawson, Food Vendor Black & Brew, and many more …) The Musical acts were Head-Lined by the National Blues Group, Bad Men on a Mission. And the Best of Show was awarded to Pam Howard, resident artist of the Oxford Community Arts Center. The entire show was a success and although I am not there to organize another event, it is my prayer that the community will find hope and energy to have another …

The exposure of my artistry, and in June the painting “ACT” also becomes the online featured image for the 2011 SOS Art Academy of Cincinnati. This made the second year in a row of being a featured artist in this exhibit and I find the attention a great asset to my portfolio including the summer of 2011, Oxford Starbucks again provides wall space for four works of motif display in the local shop…

As the summer draws on, my visions and talent explodes into a prolific pattern of painting in the studio. Many of these paintings find a new audience and gain Fans as some are auctioned off online. A mixed-media painting “Garden Study” sells prints within the first five minutes of being posted online…

In mid July 2011, my next work in LIVE Studio is based on a conception that I found floating in my view of creative Fine Art. It introduced a Full body impression representation of “UNITY” An acrylic body painting of two women lying opposite and then covered with raw canvas. The reaction to this work has been both excellent and confused. Either way, it draws the viewer into the image and the print sales along with the YouTube video, allows me a point of satisfaction.

With a full heart and gratitude for the year, I am now personally concerned for my health and safety of my Gallery due to the failed work completion by the owners and the neglected response. As always, I have the task of protecting myself and begin to toss around the idea of making a move and transition in my Artistic skills and journey. After much consultation, a choice of studying & living in Santa Fe NM is made to enhance and grow beyond my limits. In doing so, the final analysis was referenced in this way – “If I were an Engineer, I would want MIT in my experience” well, if I am a real artist & author then Santa Fe or NY need to be included in my path. Since I have comfort with the Southwest, the choice was easy. The move however was not and yet at the day’s end, I am now a living Artist with permanent and tangible Art Auction results. Many of these works, including the “Coldplay”, “Reach”, “ACT” & “Passing” all sold for prices of 200-600 each and offered a recorded history of my talent – Bless you to all who now carry my heart, passion and soul in my painting with you.

Upon my arrival here in Santa Fe, I have been met with some challenges in securing a residence. It appears that Santa Fe housing market has created a number of people willing to attempt to take advantage or misrepresent their intentions, anyone besides me see a pattern here ??? LoL J

Ironically, in the time I have also found a local radio show, book store and other outlets that will perhaps offer a place of exposure for my Memoir Norma Jean’s Sun. I am now a Member of the Art Institute, Auditing Member of Santa Fe Creative Fine Arts and a begin Workshop studies in January 2012. In the first week of December I have found an exhilarating and fear of the unknown event. Through a Marketing and Promotional program of Amazon, my book became Ranked #1 Bestseller Memoir on Amazon for 48 hours and sold over 900 copies. I will be happy to discover the reviews and results yet to come in the new-year; I will let you know when I find out more. Either way, again – Thank You !!!

However, as many times over I have found comfort in knowing this: My deeds are honest, My Heart is Safe and My Soul is Clean! In God’s Grace and love I have found a point of spiritual reference that keeps me at least guided in times of struggle. This world and life for each of us has never been a complete smooth travel. Nor do I expect the greater Icons of what I see for my artistic life to be available without time and pain. I am however completely aware of the serendipity of my experiences and path involved. I arrived here and went to a private party one night and met a man they call Fish, a Woman named Joy, an Indian named Alex and a Host of others simply known as friends.

In the short time of my appearance in the Southern Desert, I have been reinstated to the comfort of clear skies and fresh air. The brisk cold mornings and the warmth of pure Sun. The view of a spiritual horizon made by a force none can ever touch yet we all seek to feel. I place a large amount of my heart and spirit into each meeting of a person, place or time. I suppose that is why I have found moments of frustration, I take you at your word and give you all of mine. It is times of struggle that perhaps the poem “Foot Steps” and the Serenity Prayer become my best companion.

I suppose I will bring this to a close but I feel I have left something out. Perhaps it is my deep Gratitude for each of you who continue to love me from a far. Support my heart or give me a moment of your time. I can never thank you enough. I sincerely hope this letter finds you in good health, prosper in a time of need and that your world is filled with kindness and benevolence to others. Do not wait for the invite to be kind, offer without reward and watch the world open to a place of rest.

God Bless & Happy Holidays

Norma Jean's Sun, Memoir by Kris Courtney

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